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LED and Lamp Exposure Safety Assessment Training

The light from certain types of LEDs, lamps, and other sources are recognised as being hazardous, and workplace legislation exists to protect employees from harmful sources of light. This course has been designed for those that wish to understand how to undertake safety assessments of potentially harmful sources and establish how such sources relate to workplace exposure limits (ELVs).

This one-day course is normally delivered at the client’s premises and includes full course notes and a certificate of completion.

LED and Lamp Exposure Safety Assessment Course

Course topics:

  • Introduction
    Provides a comprehensive overview of the topics required for the consideration and safety assessment of LED, lamp and non-coherent optical radiation safety.
  • Legislative Background
    Appreciate the specific legislation that separately exists for workplace and product safety relating to the safe management of harmful sources of light.
  • The Nature of Light and Photobiological Hazards
    Understand the properties of light required for safety assessment and how they relate to specific exposure hazards.
  • A Closer Look at the Exposure Limits
    Provides a detailed look at the different exposure limits that exist and how they should be applied and evaluated.
  • Measurement Instrumentation
    An overview of the instrumentation required to undertake safety assessments detailing how it should be used.
  • A Simplified Assessment Approach
    Learn how using basic instrumentation safety assessments can be carried out to determine if sources present a hazard or not, with worked examples.
  • IEC 62471 Assessment
    Understand how the IEC’s safety standard are used to categorise the safety of different types of light sources, and Risk Group rationale, and specific techniques for particular applications.
  • Measurement Considerations and Review
    Consideration of Complex light sources such as those with lenses, or LED arrays. Factoring in measurement uncertainty. Planning a safety assessment and management system.

Our courses are normally delivered at the client's premises, after having discussed the initial requirements, and typically last a day, with an optional follow on session developing on the knowledge gained from the first day. The number of delegates that attend is very much based on the needs of the organisation.

Course notes and a certificate of attendance is provided to each delegate.

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