LVR Optical - Laser & Optical Radiation Safety

Laser Safety Products

Laser safety products for the entertainment industry, that assist in achieving safe audience illumination:

Pangolin Professional Audience Scanning System - PASS

Designed to address laser audience scanning safety issues. It’s impossible for humans to guess exposure levels, so laser safety monitoring has to be entrusted to hardware better suited to the task.

Pangolin Safety Scan Lenses

Precision manufactured lenses designed to allow users to increase laser brightness on laser effects used to scan audiences, without increasing potentially harmful exposure levels. Lenses are mounted at the laser projector’s scanner output window, softening power density of beams, but increasing the beam divergence by a set amount, providing a very effective means of keeping effects below the exposure safety limits (MPE).

Pangolin Safety Scan Lens Holders

Pangolin have just introduced a new type of lens mount to make using the lenses even easier. The new fully adjustable mount can be attached to a projector without need to have fixing holes present - the mount system uses two adhesive strips! Simple and low cost.