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New and Updated Laser Safety Apps are coming soon

Following on the success of the world’s first laser safety apps for smartphones, with Apple versions which have been hugely popular with users, we are pleased to announce that the next generation apps will be available shortly. The apps are updated and include many new features, and be compatible with the latest version of iOS. For the first time too, there will be versions available for Android. – Be sure to check back for the latest news on these releases, or contact us if you would like us to email you when the apps go live.

LVR Laser Safety Apps for Apple Devices

Laser Safety Apps for Apple mobile devices - anyone using an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, can quickly and conveniently determine the safe exposure distance for visible laser beams. Furthermore, the Laser Hazard Distance App is available free of charge in the App Store for users of iTunes.

These Apps are the first in a series of Safety Apps that are released by LVR designed specifically for Apple devices. The fully featured safety apps provide anyone working with lasers in an entertainment or industrial environment, the ability to perform complex calculations and access critical laser safety information at a touch.

The Apps have been developed in-house as a result of combining LVR’s laser safety and optical expertise with programming capabilities, understanding the needs of users wanting to access these tools in a convenient and easy to use manner.

We currently have 3 Apps to choose from:

Laser Hazard Distance
Laser Hazard Distance is an easy to use laser safety calculator that can be used to help determine the safe viewing distance for direct exposure to visible laser beams (400nm to 700nm). The energy in a laser beam becomes less harmful the further along the beam the light travels, eventually reaching a point where the risk is low. Laser Hazard Distance can be used to help determine this distance which is known as the Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD). more....

Laser Show Safety AppLaser Show Safety
Laser Show Safety allows the exposure safety of a wide range of laser effects to be checked against safe exposure limits. Specify laser output powers from 100mW through to 50W, over a range of different beam characteristics. Select the distance the laser will be projecting over and exposure duration. The laser hazard checker will then calculate the exposure and any hazard posed at the specified distance. more....

Laser Safety AppLaser Safety
Laser Safety is a handy reference tool detailing the hazard classifications for laser products and providing important definitions for those working with laser safety. The App also contains visibility tool that can be used to help determine the apparent brightness of laser beams based on their wavelength. more...

Important Safety Note:
Direct exposure to laser light can be harmful to eyesight and normally care should be taken to avoid doing so, especially if the user has little experience in assessing the risk. The Laser Safety Apps are provided as tool to aid those competent in assessing laser exposure risk, and should be used alongside other assessment methodologies, not as a substitute.